Refinishing Travertine Tile

Refinishing Travertine Tile is an intricate process that involves restoring the natural beauty of travertine stone, a popular flooring option for homeowners and businesses. The first step in refinishing travertine tile is to assess the condition of the existing floor. This includes identifying any cracks, chips or stains on the surface that may require repair before refinishing can take place. Once repairs are made, the next step involves sanding down any rough areas on the surface of each individual tile and filling in any gaps with putty. After this preparation work has been completed, a professional will apply several coats of sealant to protect against future damage from foot traffic, spills or other environmental factors such as humidity.

Refinishing Travertine Tile requires great attention to detail and specialized equipment including diamond polishing pads which are used to restore shine and smoothness back onto each tile’s surface without damaging it further. With proper care after refinishing is complete, your newly restored travertine floors can last for many years to come!