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Diamond Polishing Vs Granite Polishing: Which Is The Best Choice For White Marble?

When it comes to polishing marble, there are two main options available: diamond polishing and granite polishing. Both of these services provide various advantages and disadvantages, so how do you decide which one is the best choice for your white marble? Read on in this article to learn more about the differences between diamond and granite polishing, as well as some tips on what to look for when choosing a service for your white marble!

Diamond polishing is a process where diamond-infused pads are used to buff and refine the surface of the marble. This type of polishing produces a high-gloss finish that is more durable than regular granite polishing. Diamond polishing also offers greater protection against staining and etching, making it ideal for areas that are prone to dirt and spills. Additionally, diamond polishing may provide a longer-lasting shine than granite polishing.

Granite polishing involves using a combination of abrasive materials such as pumice, sandpaper, steel wool, and other compounds to buff the surface of the marble. This method is often useful for removing scratches and stains from marble surfaces. Granite polishing will generally produce a less glossy finish than diamond polishing, but it can still offer protection against staining and etching for many years to come.

When choosing between diamond and granite polishing for your white marble, consider factors such as cost, maintenance requirements, gloss level desired, durability needs, and any specific damage that needs to be addressed. It’s important to understand the differences between these two types of services before making your decision so you can ensure you select the best option for your specific needs!

Introduction to Diamond Polishing

When it comes to polishing white marble, there are two main choices: diamond polishing and granite polishing. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so which one is the best choice for you?

Diamond Polishing:

-Diamonds are harder than granite, so they can cut through tougher stains and scratches.
-Diamonds also last longer than granite, so you won’t need to replace your pads as often.
-Diamond polishing leaves a smoother finish on the stone.

-Diamond polishing is more expensive than granite polishing.
-Diamonds can also damage the stone if not used correctly.

Granite Polishing:
-Granite polishing is less expensive than diamond polishing.
-Granite is a softer material than diamonds, so it’s less likely to damage the stone.
-Granite pads will last longer when used on softer stones.

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